Suzie Goes to School Book Review

I had the opportunity this week to review this wonderful book ‘Suzie Goes to School‘ written by Charlotte Olson. 

This book is one of the range from the Suzie Books series which is a collection of stories intended to help children cope with new situations that most family’s will experience. 

‘I do hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them and Suzie becomes part of your family too!’ Charlotte Olson

About Suzie Goes to School

Suzie Goes to School is a rhyming picture book for younger readers which describes Suzie’s first day at school. The book highlights Suzie’s feelings both before school when she was upset to be leaving her mum and after school when she was happy that she had a good day. The story shows all the wonderful, fun things that Suzie gets up to whilst on her first day at school.


This is a wonderful book for young children especially those that will be starting in reception class this school year. The book is written in rhyme and the  illustrations are bright and colourful which help children engage and follow along with the story. 

The book is perfect to show young children who are just starting reception or nursery what goes on when they are there as it details things like finding your peg with your name on, having lunch, show and tell, playing in the playground and lots of other activities that happen in school. Suzie shows children just how much fun going to school can be.

Where to buy Suzie Goes to School 

Suzie Goes to School is £5.99 and you can order your copy of through Amazon or on Charlotte Olson’s own website On Charlotte’s website, you will also find other books from the series like ‘Suzie Goes on an Aeroplane’, ‘Suzie Goes to a Funeral’, ‘Suzie goes to the Dentist’ and lots of other books to help children feel more at ease with new situations.  

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