A blue Whale

Children’s Short Story – Tim the Blue Whales Journey

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Tim the Blue Whales Journey

Tim, the blue whale, set off across the ocean,

With his heart filled with love and emotion.

He was going to see someone dear.

Someone he hadn’t seen for a year.

He would be travelling miles away,

To once again see his mum, Faye.


He first travelled over the reef,

Where, to his disbelief,

A family of little fish stood in his way,

begging him to help them get away.

“There have been too many sharks around here,

and for our lives, we live in fear.”

“Please, can you give us a ride,

to the mermaid village on the other side?”

Tim couldn’t turn them down, as he was too kind,

So on to his back, the little fish climbed.

When they arrived at the village, the fish let out a cheer.

“Thank you so much for bring us here.”

Tim was glad to have done a good deed,

but now he was tired, and of a rest he was in need.


He found a quiet place and fell asleep,

but was awoken by hearing someone up to him creep.

“Sorry to disturb you, but I am looking for a ride,

and I was wondering if you were going to the Florida side?”.


Florida wasn’t where Tim wanted to go,

but he wanted to help the mermaid so.

“Yes, I can go that way and help you out.”

“Thank you, thank you, Lucy the mermaid began to shout.”


On the long journey together across the ocean,

Lucy told Tim about her crazy notion.

She told him that an astronaut she wanted to be,

and how the moon and space she longed to see.

When they reached Florida, Tim waved her goodbye.

As he shouted, “I hope one day into space you get to fly.”

Tim knew he now needed to get a move on.

If he was to meet his mum before the moon shone.

He dived deep and carried on his way,

When he heard a distant voice say,

“Help me, help me, I am stuck,

I have tried to get free, but I’ve not had much luck.”

Tim knew if he stopped to help, he would be late,

but he couldn’t leave the poor creature in that state.


To the shipwreck, Tim dived down to,

where he saw a stuck shark looking sad and blue.

The shark was stuck in a gap pretty tight,

So for ages Tim pushed with all his might.

After what felt like forever, the shark was finally free.

“Thank you so much for rescuing me.”

The shark said his thanks and swam happily away.

but Tim was now worried as it was so late in the day.


Tim knew he would be late to see his mum,

As the setting of the sun had already begun.

He just hoped at the meeting place she still might be,

And his mum’s warm, and loving face he would get to see.


When Tim reached the rock, his mum was not there.

Tim’s heart filled with sadness, and he cried with despair.

Through all his tears, Tim didn’t realise,

That his mum had swum up by his side.


“My boy, what is with all these tears?”

“Mum, I thought you were gone and I wouldn’t see you again for years.”

“Tim, I knew you wouldn’t make it on time,

As you have a big heart and you are very kind.

I knew you would stop to help others in need,

I can always rely on you to do a good deed.” 


With that, his mum lent in for a watery embrace, 

As a big smile came across Tim’s face. 

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