Believe Poetry book cover


Believe is an empowering poetry book to help change your perception.

A book of poems to motivate and inspire you whilst providing comfort and hope.

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Believe Poetry book cover

Poems from the Book

You Matter

When everything is going wrong,

And you are struggling to carry on,

I want you to know you matter.

When you are feeling the hurt and pain,

And try your hardest to stay sane.

I want you to know you matter.

When you feel you’ve no one to care,

And you are falling into despair.

I want you to know you matter.

Be a Butterfly

You can be that butterfly,
Soaring and flying high.

First, you need to be a caterpillar,
Heading into change that is unfamiliar.

Embrace change not knowing where it will lead,
As change has to come first before you succeed.


Wear your scars with pride,
These are medals you shouldn’t hide.
Each one a difficulty you have overcome,
Don’t let embarrassment for them succumb.

Be proud of each and every scar,
They show just how strong you are.

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