Achieve - A Book of Empowering Po


Achieve is the sister book from the empowering poetry book Beleive.

Achieve is a collection of short poems to empower, motivate and inspire you.

The poems in this book are set into three sections, Achieve, Self-love / Self-Worth and Reflection.

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Achieve - A Book of Empowering Po

Poems from the Book

Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

You have been through so much, 

But yet you have stayed strong.

Picking yourself up, 

And carrying on.

For this, I must express,

An abundance of gratitude.

I wouldn’t be where I am today,

Without your determined attitude.

I am a different person,

Different to you now,

This is because of you,

Growing and showing me how.

I am so thankful that you carried on,

And your dreams you worked towards.

As for all your struggles,

I have received glorious rewards.

Love your Older Self


A Smile Is

A smile is a gesture so small, 

And it cost nothing at all.

You may feel it isn’t worthwhile,

But oh, the things you can do with a smile.

A smile is a happiness beam,

Letting happiness flow just like a stream.

It touches the hearts of others in a way, 

That can help brighten up their day.

A smile is worth more than any gold, 

It will keep your heart from turning cold.

Keeping that warm happiness flowing within.

So be sure to wear your warming cheerful grin.

The Storm

You can’t control the storm, 

Or when it will take form.

The chaos of it will unfold,

And you’ll be forced to take hold.

So prepare for what is up ahead,

Calm yourself and don’t fill with dread.

For this storm, you will need to ride,

But you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

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