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Love Poems for the Soul

Receive – Love Poems for the Soul is the third book in my empowering poetry series. It is a collection of poems on all things love. Family, relationships and self-love.

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Love Poems from the Book

Drown in Your Love

I want to drown in your love,

Get lost in your embrace.

Be smothered by your kisses,

As I feel my heart race.

I want to bask in your warmth,

Your body next to mine.

Two souls becoming one,

As our bodies entwine. 

A Mother’s Love Burns Wild

A mother’s love for her child,

Is like a fire burning wild,

It is a love that burns so deep,

A love that to her child will seep.

You Are

You are the spring in my step,

The glisten in my eyes.

The smile that brightens my face

And my intense highs.

You are the warmth in my body,

The love in my heart.

The passion in my soul,

And the longing when we are apart.

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