About Me

Hi, I am Cheryl Lee-White an award-winning children’s author and best selling poet living in Somerset, UK with my partner Dino and our 3 daughters Isabella, Lia and Alexa.

How I started off as a writer

I started off my writing journey as a parent blogger and from there I progressed in to writing children’s books and then on to writing poetry. I contribute my success as a writer to constantly practising and practising and also being an avid reader.

I am a writer with dyslexia and spent most of my young life as a reluctant reader. I discovered the power and joy of reading in my late teens and from there I have just grown and grown. I used to hide the fact that I had dyslexia but now I am proud of the fact that I have it and found ways to overcome it to be the writer I am today.

I love to write in rhyme and find it is like doing a creative jigsaw puzzle. I know what I want me stories or poems to say but I just need to re-arrange and jiggle it around a bit until I get the rhythm and rhyme right. It can be tricky sometimes but the sense of accomplishment when it all fits together is worth the effort.

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Me & Dino
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Alexa, Lia and Isabella

My other passions

I am a creative and love to do creative activities. As well as writing I love photography, baking, go for walks with my family and drawing and painting. My family is very important to me and they are what drives me to keep writing and creating. My partner and my girls are always there to support me and push me through the hard times.

Indie Author Support

I am passionate about helping and supporting other authors on their journeys so I have set up the Indie Author Support Group on Facebook. This is a community of indie authors and anyone looking to write and publish their first book. It is a place to come from support and advice and meet like-minded authors.

Contact Details

If you would like to contact me you can reach me at info@cherylleewhite.co.uk

You can also find me on –



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