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Poetry Writing Service

Would you like a poem written for your loved one as a gift or for your business or service or to share on social media?

I can write you a ghostwritten poem on any topic.

The price for a 2 verse poem with 8 lines in total is £10. Email me at info@cherylleewhite.co.uk to order yours.

Here is one I put together for Raising a Warrior about Kinesthetic Learning to use over their social media –

Traditional learning doesn’t work for me,

To learn effectively I need to move about you see.

For my style of learning is kinesthetic,

Which goes hand in hand with being athletic. 


I find it hard to learn when I am still and at rest,

But when I am physically active I learn the best.

For the information, in my memory to stay,

A hands-on approach to learning is the only way.


So when I need to learn something new,

You won’t ever find me taking a pew,

Instead, when I am learning I will be found, 

getting stuck in, standing or moving around.