Love Thy Body Book Review

I had the privilege to be an advanced reader of the amazing new book Love Thy Body written by Laura Bland, Ana Bonasera and Serena Novelli and what an amazing read it is. These women started up The Love Thy Body Project a year ago and have been working hard to empower as many women as they can.

About Love Thy Body

In Love thy Body Laura, Ana and Serena share their experience and journeys to find self-love and self-acceptance. In their own journeys, they have overcome mental abuse, rape, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships with exercise, negative self-talk and so much more. They share their journey’s to help everyday women just like themselves to step into their power.

They now offer their advice to help you with your own body confidence, self-love and sexual empowerment. 

In the book, they have added practical activities that you can do to help you with your own journey. These are activities that these three women have used not only themselves but with the clients, they coach. 

About the Authors

Laura Bland

Laura Bland mum to one, a fitness mentor, author and public speaker. Her mission is to ‘help thousands of women awaken and realise that they are beautiful just as they are, that exercise goes far beyond the physical and that self-love does not mean feeling like you are perfect.’

Ana Bonasera 

Is a Mum of 4 boys, fitness instructor, body-positive & mental health advocate, author & speaker. Ana’s mission is to ‘Empowering women to honour their ‘flaws’ and guide them on their self-love journey’

Serena Novelli

Is a mum of 5, author and body confidence & sexual empowerment coach. Her mission is to ‘ support women in finding their inner diva, by changing what they see in the mirror from the inside out’. 


If you only read one book this year I would make this book it. It has the power to change your mindset which in turn will alter your life for the better. 

Reading this book will really get you thinking about the way you see and treat yourself and will help support and encourage you on your journey to self-love and self-discovery. It certainly made me think and be more mindful about the way I see and treat myself. 

All three authors have added their own raw and honest experiences that are very relatable. They have each added value in their own field of expertise and if you implement all their advice and guidance you will be well on your way to finding self-love.

Where to Order Your Copy

Love thy Body is available to buy on Amazon – 

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