Book cover of Poetry to Inspire and Uplift

Poetry to Inspire and Uplift – Number #1 Bestseller

Wow, what an amazing launch I had for the ebook version of my new book ‘Poetry to Inspire and Uplift’ this week. On the first day of launching it hit the number 1best selling spot in my category.

It even made it to number 2 in the erotic poems category even though I am pretty sure my poems aren’t what you would call erotic.

The support for my new book has been amazing and to get the number 1 spot on the first day was a great achievement and a boost of confidence I needed. 

Rank on 18/08/2020

About Poetry to Inspire and Uplift

Poetry to Inspire and Uplift is a collection of positive poems and affirmations to help lift people’s spirits and put a smile on their faces during these difficult times. 

‘To give the gift of a smile,

Is a gift that is so worthwhile,

It can brighten up someone’s day,

When you send a smile their way.’

50% of all the sales revenue will be donated to Samaritans, a registered charity. 

How ‘Poetry to Inspire and Uplift’ Came About

When lockdown first began the very talented illustrator Stephanie Jayne sent me and a couple of other authors a message asking us to write a short rhyme or story and she will illustrate them to keep us all occupied during the lockdown period. 

Take a look at my post lockdown poems to read what we wrote. 

I was then so inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising efforts that I wrote a poem about him which I shared across social media. It got such a good response I decided I would carry on writing poetry to help uplift and inspire others, especially through this difficult time. I also decided I wanted to donate half my profits to Samaritans to further help others going through a difficult time. 

So Here It Is

Ebook for Poetry to Inspire and Uplift is available now on Amazon and the paperback will be launched next week.

The cover design and formatting were done by the very talented and extremely knowledgeable Jen Parker from Fuzzy Flamingo.

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