The Halloween Snowmen and The Evil Snowwoman

Children’s Short Story- The Halloween Snowmen and The Evil Snowwomen

Below is a children’s short story I wrote after I read in the newspaper it might snow at Halloween, which where we live in England is rare. I was talking about this with my daughter who then came up with the idea of Halloween snowmen and them coming to life. From her idea, this short story was born and all the below illustrations were created by my 10 year old daughter too.

The Halloween Snowmen and The Evil Snowwomen

What happens if it snows on Halloween?

In England, this has never before been seen. 

That is, until one bitterly cold October night,

When the snow began to fall by the moonlight.


At sunrise, the children woke to a snow-filled day,

And out they all hurried into the snow to play.

They built snowmen and a snowwoman and had snowball fights,

They even went sledging down from dizzying heights.

When the snow day had started to draw to an end,

off back into their homes the children descend.

They weren’t heading home to get tucked up in bed,

No, they were going to get ready for Halloween instead.


As the children got dressed up, to give each other a fright,

A strange Halloween spirit swept through the night,

To the snowmen and the snowwoman, it caused an upheaval,

As it brought them to life and turned them all evil.

Mrs Evil Snowwomen step up to take the lead,

As she shouted to the scary snowman with greed,

“Let’s all go for a little trick or treat,

and steal us some yummy sweets to eat.”


The Snowman cheered and off they all set, 

In search of some people to scare and upset.

“There’s bound to be sweets here, there’s a pumpkin outside,”

Called out one of the scary snowmen to the others with pride.

Mrs Snowwoman agreed, “That is a great house to start.

Let’s give them a scare, get the sweets and then depart.”


“Bang, bang, bang,” thumped the Snowmen on the door.

As they heard children’s footsteps heading across the floor.

The door slowly crept open and a witch was standing there,

but tonight she wasn’t going to be giving these visitors a scare.


The snowmen looked scary, looming over her at the door,

They leaned in and grabbed the sweets as she fell to the floor.

“Well done boys”, said Mrs Snowwoman as they passed her the sweets,

“Now let’s go scare some people and get us more treats.”

The Snowmen headed off hitting every house in sight,

stealing sweets and giving all the children a fright.

The children were all left bewildered and aghast,

and they knew they had to put a stop to them fast.


Alexa and Amy lived in a house at the edge of town,

where the snowmen and the snowwoman had not yet been around.

“Amy, do you still have those super sour sweets”, Alexa said,

“The ones that are so sour that they hurt your head?”

“Yes, I do, I think I have another 10 packs of them.”

“Let’s use them to trick the Snowwomen and her Snowmen.”


“How will the sweets stop them?”Amy asked, mystified.

“We will swap the sweets in our pot and put the sour ones inside.

The snowmen will come round and steal the pot,

And as they are so greedy they will eat the whole lot.”

“There is no way anyone can handle that much sourness, 

If they eat them all they will end up in a right mess.”


The girls rushed around to put their plan into place,

And made sure all the normal sweets had been replaced.

Just then on the door, the snowmen made a knocking sound,

The girls took a deep breath as their hearts began to pound. 

The door creaked open and the snowmen were standing there,

They leaned in towards the girls whilst giving them an evil stare. 


One of the snowmen snatched the pot from Alexa’s hand.

The girls were relieved that everything was going as planned. 

“Look this pot of sweets is full to the top”,

The snowman announced, “We have hit the jackpot”.


The unsuspecting snowman rushed over and grabbed the sweets,

And into their mouths, they piled in those sour treats. 

The sourness started to hit them at once,

And they started to wonder what they had just munched.

Tears began to drop and their heads began to sweat,

As they ran around like crazy and started to fret. 

The sweets were so sour it made their heads pound,

Until, ‘BANG’, they exploded and puffs of snow fell to the ground. 

The children all came out from their houses and let out a big cheer.

What a very strange Halloween they had all had this year. 


A short story was written by Cheryl Lee-White and illustrations by Alexa Copyright Cheryl Lee-White 2021 

This story may not be distributed or replicated without the author’s permission. Please email with any requests. This story can be read to and shared with children including in a classroom environment.

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