Weighted Eye Pillow Review from Bags of Lavender

We have been reviewing these weighted scented eye pillows from Bags of Lavender which are a great for calming and relaxation.

We were gifted these two eye pillows to review. These were a children’s eye pillow scented with lavender essential oils and an adults eye pillow scented with Camomile essential oils. 

When you order from Bags of Lavender you are able to customise your eye pillow by picking your own fabric and scent and there are a few to choose from each with their own relaxation benefits.

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What are the eye pillows made of?

Bags of Lavender advise their eye pillows are made from 100% Cotton and they have removable washable covers as standard. They contain an inner natural calico liner which is filled with UK sourced organic flax seeds.

What are the benefits of the weighted eye pillows?

Weighted eye pillows trigger the body’s own relaxation reflex called Oculocardiac reflex this is triggered by weighted light acupressure to the eyes and calming the Vagus nerve. 

Using a weighted eye pillow is a great way to calm a racing heart, gently lowering blood pressure. This in turn helps with stress, anxiety and panic feelings. When used regularly weighted eye pillows can be a great way to aid relaxation and improve sleep.

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Our review of the weighted eye pillows

The first time you use the eye pillows it is an odd feeling. When you hold the pillows they are obviously very light but once you are lying down with it over your eyes you can feel the weight of it. They do take a little while to get used to but are definitely worth persevering as you can really feel the benefits. 

My daughter is terrible at going to sleep but using her eye pillow before bed has really helped her. The weight and the lavender helps to calm and relax her before bed. She was also so happy that it had been personalised with a football fabric especially for her.

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I have found that using the weighted pillow before bed is a great way to help me relax and get to sleep. The scent fills my nose and helps me to calm myself and breathe more deeply. At first the weight felt a bit odd to have on my face but now it feels reassuring and helps my eyes to feel heavy and drift off to sleep easier.  

I now ensure I use my eye pillow for at least a few minutes every night as it helps me clear my mind and having the weight there stops me opening my eyes. Before using the eye pillow when I have tried to close my eyes and relax before bed it is all too easy just to open them even just for a second but in that time I would notice something that needs doing and then my mind is off racing again. With the eye pillow your eyes are closed with no chance of a sneak peak at what’s around you and I feel this gives me a deeper sense of relaxation and in turn allows my mind to calm and stop racing. 

You can also pop the eye pillows in the fridge and use them cold which for me I found a lot more relaxing. It may just be because it has been hot the last few nights but having the cool pillow on my eyes is very refreshing. 

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Lia and I relaxing in the garden with our eye pillows under the den she made


My daughter and I would recommend these weighted eye pillows from Bags of Lavender. We have found them very calming and they have helped us to relax and sleep easier. We will definitely be carrying on using them every evening before bed.

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You can order your customised weighted eye pillow from Bags of Lavender 

Website – https://www.bagsoflavender.online/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/BagsofLavender

Instagram – www.instagram.com/BagsofLavender

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