A Poem for An Amazing Mum

This is a short poem that I put together for an amazing mum. I love to write poetry and mums are so amazing they do so much for us. That is why I thought I would put together a poem of gratitude for them. It is a lovely little poem to show how amazing mums are and how much we love them.

Poem for an Amazing Mum

Mum you will always be by my side,

With the unconditional love that you provide,

Millions of kisses you have showered upon me,

To your family you are a true devotee,

You are my saviour through dark times,

That is why I love you longtime.

This is one of the poems taken from my book ‘Poetry to Inspire and Uplift‘ full of positive and uplifting poetry.

If you enjoyed my poem you can purchase it as a 76 mm x 51 mm keyring as a gift for your mum by visiting my products page.

In my shop, you will also find a poem keyring available for an amazing friend that you can send as a gift to show them you care.

If you enjoy reading poetry why not also take a look at the lockdown poem I wrote called- Find Your Inner Rainbow to help spread some love and positivity during this difficult time.

I have also recorded this poem as a Youtube video which you can watch here –

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