Lockdown Poetry – 2020

Solace in My Notebook

2020 has sure been a tough year for all of us and very different to what we thought it would be.

I have found solace in my notebook this year and whenever things get tough or I am feeling stressed I start to write things down usually as a poem. This has been a great form of release and has helped to improve my mood and clear my head.

This is what kept me sane and upbeat during the first lockdown. During those 4 months of the first lockdown, I ended up writing so many poems that I put them together in a book Poetry to Inspire and Uplift. Which I am donating 50% of my profits from book sales to Samaritans.

Lockdown Poetry

This poem I put together at the start of the second lockdown when I was feeling very down about being in another lockdown –

2020 what can I say,

No one imagined you would be this way.

Spreading a virus no one can see,

And locking us away from our family.


2020 what have you done,

You have stolen our joy and fun.

Cancelling our schools and trips abroad,

This year has been flawed.


2020 you have not been our friend, 

we don’t want to see you again.

You have caused people to lose their job,

While others’ livelihoods have been robbed.


2021 you better be fun,

And let us spend time with our loved ones,

We need you to bring positivity and cheer.

And to be a much better year.

2020 by Cheryl Lee-White

Just getting this lockdown poem down on to paper made me feel a whole lot better. Poetry is a wonderful art that can help express your emotions and get them out on to paper. Being creative whether it be in writing or other ways like painting, colouring, knitting, baking, etc is a great way to get you through the current pandemic and take your mind of the things that are happening that are out of your control.

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lockdown poem
2020 Poem by Cheryl Lee-White

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Order a copy of my poetry book ‘Poetry to Inspire and Uplift’ where 50% of the profits will be donated to Samaritans, a registered charity. Also available in a Friendship gift set with a keyring.

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