The Book of Silly Rhymes -Silver Medal Winner of The Wishing Shelf Book Awards


A collection of short, silly and a little bit rude rhymes for kids

The Book of Silly Rhymes is the award-winning children’s book by Cheryl Lee-White. 

Do you chuckle, chortle or cackle? Are you more likely to smirk secretly, sneak out a snigger, or would you prefer to belt out a big belly laugh? Do you howl like a monkey, roar like a lion or snort like a pig?

However you get the giggles, this hilarious collection of rude, ridiculous and rambunctious rhymes is sure to tickle your funny bone!

It is a collection of short rhymes that are silly and some a little bit rude to bring fun and laughter to reading time for children aged 7 – 11 years old.

The Book of Silly Rhymes is perfect for reluctant readers as the rhymes are short and easy to read and the book can easily be dipped in and out of. It is also printed in the open dyslexia font to assist children with dyslexia.