Review of Escape from Nettle Farm by Justin Davis

What a lovely book for children to read. I read it with my 7-year-old and 9 years old every night and they really enjoyed the book. They would get into bed and have the book ready for me to read and sit quietly engrossed in the story. Some nights my 7-year-old did the reading and we listened to her.

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About the Book

Escape from Nettle Farm by Justin Davis is about a puppy called Harvey who didn’t have the best start to life, he was living with his brothers and sisters at Nettle Farm with the grumpy old farmer Greaves. All his brothers and sisters found new homes leaving him behind. Until one day he manages to escape and finds himself a lovely family however that isn’t the last he sees of Farmer Greaves.

Our Review

This book is a great size for young readers it has easy to read chapters and beautiful colourful illustrations by Claire Adele, throughout the book to bring the story to life. The story is written with lots of description giving children the sense of being in the story and helping them to learn descriptive words. The book has action and adventure to keep children entertained and is easy to follow along and get into.

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I was gifted Escape to Nettle Farm to be able to do the review, I have also been given Justin’s new follow on book Spy Danger which we will be reading and a review will be coming soon.

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