Raising a Warrior – 12 week Course, I Found My Brave

My daughters and I have been doing Raising a Warrior’s 12 week Warrior Course, I Found My Brave. This is a 12-week online course for tweens that is designed to help them ‘Find their brave’. 

The course consists of 12 different activities which are as follows –

  • Big Life Events – recognising bug life events and their impact
  • Stuck in the Riverbed – identifying obstacles and the strength they have to knock these obstacles down
  • Weekly Routines – how to plan a weekly routine to reach dreams and goals
  • Loss and Transformations – working through losing something or someone
  • 7 Feel Good Areas – Identifying 7 different areas of their life and finding something happy in each area
  • Memory Book and Box – how to create a memory box or book to remind them of special times and people
  • Seasons of Change – How to label and work with their feelings and emotions
  • Your Story – how to write and story about how they want their life to be and ways to achieve it. 

Each section has an instructional video followed by a worksheet to complete which can either be printed out and written on or your tween can just write or create their own.

What We Thought About the Course

We found the raising a warrior course really beneficial and helpfully especially as my girls were nervous about going back to school after having such a long time off. 

Sam and Naomi are so friendly and warm and we found their videos easy to follow along and listen too. They explained everything in an easy to understand way and they also gave examples of things that had happened in their lives that related to the topic they were discussing this made the videos so much more relatable. 

Each of the 12 activities has been very well thought out and deepen the learning experience from the videos. They will get your children thinking about their own feelings and situations. I love how there is also a warrior miracle morning section at the begging giving children a few short daily activities that they can do to help them start their days positive.

My 12-year-old daughter is a sensitive and very shy girl and doesn’t open up a lot but I can tell she enjoyed doing this course. She is the kind of child that if I told her to do it she would probably refuse but I left her with the course and told her to give it and try and see what she thinks with no pressure if she didn’t want to carry on. Well, she has carried on the course of her own accord listening to the videos and carrying out the activities. 

I also did this course with my 10-year-old who is a lot more open so she sat and did it with me and she enjoyed the videos and thinking about the answers to the activities. She is not so keen on writing but is more open so was happy to sit with me and discuss her thoughts and answers to the activity questions. 

You can sign up to the 12-week warrior course I found My Brave here – 

https://www.raisingawarrior.co.uk/tribe-for-life.php the course is £29.99 and although is a 12-week course you can take as long as you need to complete it. 

Sam and Naomi also have a book available called Raising a Warrior that is available from Amazon. 

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