My Recommended Reading List

I wanted to share with you my non-fiction recommended reading list. I love nothing more than to lose myself in a good book and given the chance I could spend hours reading. 

My favourite type of books to read are non-fiction biographies, memoirs, travel and self-help books. I just love to read about other people’s journeys, their adventures and how they overcame problems and the fact that they are real inspires me more. I also like to see things from different peoples perspectives and with non-fiction books you will always learn something new.

Below is my non-fiction recommend reading list that contains books that I have enjoyed reading and would recommend. Some of them you may have heard of and some are lesser known books by indie authors but are still very good reads.

 The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

You have probably all seen and heard about this book, it is one of the most compelling books that I have ever read. A true story, it is written about Lale who ended up in Auschwitz and was given the task of being the tattooist of Auschwitz. It shares his harrowing experience in the camp and what him and others had to do to survive. Despite all the hurt and sorrow he faced on a daily basis, love still managed to find a way to shine through and he met his beloved Gita. Even after he managed to get out of the camp his ordel wasn’t over. 

This book had me both sad, happy and angry but it is truly amazing to read that through such an awful time how the prisoners came together and did what they could to lift each other spirits and support one another. 

I have also read the follow on from this Clika’s Journey which again is a compelling story and is even more heartbreaking than The Tattooist of Auschwitz as you know what she went through before in Auschwitz so to then be imprisoned again is just astonishing. This book however is classed as a fiction novel as Cilka wasn’t around to tell her story so the author has done her best to research and get as much evidence as she could about her time after Auschwitz but did have to add bits and characters in so it is not classed as non-fiction. 

Aprons and Silver Spoons: The Heartwarming Memoirs of a 1930s Scullery Maid by Mollie Moran

If you had to leave home at 14 to be sent off to work as a scullery maid in a stately London townhouse working 13 hour days you would see this as a hardship but not little Mollie Brown. This book is her account of her time as a scullery maid for the gentry and although her life sounds tough she recalls her time in an upbeat and happy way sharing an insight into what life was like back then and the mischief she got up to. 

I enjoyed reading this book, I love hearing about history first hand and how things were so much different back then and hearing the good and bad points from someone who was there.

Travels with Rachel by George Manhood

Now I love travel books, I am not in a position to travel the world myself so reading others journeys and adventures is a close second. George is very funny and had me smiling and laughing throughout as he recalls his adventures around South America with his girlfriend Rachel. They get up to all sorts including wading through a swamp in a pair of borrowed puma trainers in search of annaconders after George had an oversight on the booking. As you can imagine Rachel wasn’t too happy about not having the proper wellies to go in search of a man eating snake in a swamp you can’t see the bottom of. Their adventures will have you laughing and enjoying a sense of wonder as they travel and get up to all sorts. 

I have also gone on to read Not tonight Josephine and Free Country by George Manhood that are both equally as funny and good as Travels with Rachel. Not tonight Josephine is about George’s travels with his friend around America where they drive around and stay in their car again this is so funny and the adventures they get up to will have you gripped. 

Free Country is just plain bonkers especially as you know it is a true story. It is how George and his friend travelled the length of the country without spending a penny and started off with only their boxer shorts. They had to beg for clothes, shoes and bikes and rely on people’s kindness throughout the whole trip. 

I am Malala

I am in awe of Malala she is wise beyond her years and is a true inspiration. Malala has been campaigning for children’s education since she was a young child. She believed in her cause so full heartily she even stood up to the Taliban of all people to defend her right to go to school. This was not an easy feat as she was shot close range in the head by the Taliban but Malala would not be silenced.

I am Malala has also been written as a teen addition.

How not to travel the World by Lauren Jutliff

This book is Lauren’s hilarious account of how she went traveling around the world on her own and all that went wrong for her. When you read her account she is the least likeliest person to go traveling on her own, she had debilitating anxiety and was battling an eating disorder but despite everything she followed through with her dream and you will see how travelling helps her to grow and overcomes her issues. She does hit a lot of bumps on the way and gets herself into some tricky situations however the book is written in an upbeat positive way that will have you laughing along. 

Confessions of a GP By Benjamin Davis 

This book is brilliant and really takes you into an unseen world of what happens behind the GP’s closed doors. All names have been changed including the GP’s but it really does give you an insight to what it is like to be a GP and what they face daily. It was a real eye opener and after reading the book it has given me a much greater respect for GP’s and what do. 

Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

This is such a great read and is so asstounding how Yossi managed to survive on his own with barely any provisions in the Jungle. After being separated from his friends in the Jungle with sheer luck and determination he managed to cling on to life and made it through. It is a gripping read that you find yourself willing him along to stay strong and survive and the fact that it is a completely true story of survival makes it so much more interesting.  

This book has been made into a film starring Daniel Radclif although I have not seen the film so cannot comment if it is any good. From experience the films are never as good as the books.

Part-Time Working Mummy; A Patchwork Life

Now I love the Part-Time working mummy. I think that she is fabulous and such a wonderful human being. I love following her on Facebook and reading her posts and how she helps so many people. When she bought out her book containing her life story I had to read it to find out more about this amazing woman. This book is a heartfelt read hearing about what she went through as both a child and adult and how it took her a lot of strength and courage to overcome and become the wonderful woman she is today. 

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  1. You’d get on great with my partner, they loved to read too. I’m sure they’d love to check out The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

    Me on the other hand, I really don’t enjoy it. I can page and have no idea what I just read, thanks to my dyslexia. So I’ll just wait for the film

    1. Yes it is a great book and well worth the read.

      I have dyslexia to so I understand your struggles it isn’t easy.

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