Stylish Laptop Backpack Travel Bag from Estarer

I have been gifted this beautiful and very practical satchel style laptop backpack travel bag by Estarer to review. It is made of eco-friendly PU leather is filled with compartments for all you need to carry and comes in Black or Red.

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What’s Inside the Bag

When I first looked inside the laptop backpack travel bag I was so excited to see how much room it has and how many different compartments there are within it.

Laptop Compartment

Inside the bag, you have the padded compartment for your laptop (this will hold a laptop 15-15.6 inches) which has a strong elastic velcro strap to keep the laptop held down.

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Kindle/tablet compartment

In front of that, there is another smaller padded compartment that will fit a tablet or a kindle, then in front of that there is a long space that you can put an A4 notepad, paperwork, folders or a few books and to finish off a small space for cards or pens at the top, I even used it to fit my purse in.

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If you think this is a lot of space I have only covered above the main part of the bag there is still so much more to this roomy bag.

Phone Pouch

At the very back there is a small zipped pocket that is a good size for carrying a phone or purse, although I would suggest whatever you carry in there make sure it is flat shaped as you will be able to fill this pocket on your back when carrying it. I used it to carry my phone as my purse was rounded and with the weight of the bag, I felt it on my back as I walked.

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Front Notebook and Pen Compartment

At the very front of the bag, there is one more compartment that has zips either side so you can open it up to make more room if needed. This part of the bag has 2 pen holders a small elasticated compartment, which I could also fit my purse in and then the main pocket which you could use to carry notebooks. Again it is big enough to carry an A4 notebook.

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As well as its practicality this bag is so sleek and elegant it has lovely tassel details on the zips and the front and has a satchel type look to it. It has thick adjustable straps to help you carry the bag on your back and a small handle at the top so you can carry it. The whole bag looks and feels sturdy and very well made.

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I love the idea of a rucksack laptop bag as it distributes the weight more evenly and doesn’t hurt your shoulders or make you lean more to one side as traditional laptop bags do.

The main compartment is protected by the PU leather fold over top but there is a slight overhang of the bag and a small gap on either side where if you are caught out in a huge downpour the contents of your bag could get a little wet.

The other thing to consider is if you live in an area that is high in crime the bag unclips easily and someone could get there hand in there.

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I think this is a very good bag, it is fashionable, cute and so practical at the same time. I love the idea of carrying my laptop in a rucksack. The company also offer 365-day quality warranty and 30-day return policy. I will be using my bag regularly to carry my laptop to work from now on. 

These stylish Laptop rucksacks are available to order on Amazon click the link to view.

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