Breezy Family Character Creator Review

We have been reviewing the brilliant character creator from Breezy Family. You can create a portrait of yourself or your whole family into customized characters easily using their creator on the website and either download a free copy like the one below or you can order a print of your character family. 

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The creator is super easy and fun to use and offers a good variety of choices for you to create your character as life-like as possible. You start by adding a person or pet to your frame then go down through the options customising them. You can add a parent, grandparent, baby, little child, child or teenager as well as a range of different pets.

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You can then pick the skin and eye colour, the hair colour as well as the hairstyle that best matches. The thing I loved the most with the character creator is as well as adding clothes to your character you can have them doing hobbies so it makes the picture more personal.

My girls loved joining in and helping make and customise their characters especially adding in theirs and my hobbies. I love photography and take my camera everywhere with me so when my girls saw the camera option for my character they said that I had to have that one. It was great I could add in options for my football mad and gaming mad daughters too.

As well as the characters you can also customise and add in a different background that you like. There are plain ones, wallpaper ones (like the one in my frame), beaches and other outside places to choose from. 

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Once you have made your frame you can download it as a Facebook cover frame for free of charge which you can then use to share over social media, this will have the Breezy Family logo over it.

There is also an option to order your character portrait from Breezy Family and have it printed and sent to your door as a portrait frame. This would make a great gift especially for Christmas or birthdays or just a fun family portrait to hang up in the house. We have been gifted a printed frame from Breezy Family which I am so looking forward to it arriving and sharing it with you all.

EDIT – My print arrived from Breezy family and it is amazing. The print quality is excellent and the frame is well made too. Our frame now has pride of place hanging up in our hallway.

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