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World Book Day 2022 – You Are a Reader

I was looking up the theme for For World Book Day 2022 and I saw that this year it is ‘You Are a Reader’. As soon as I read this theme I started to think of children reading and all the wonderful things they can do with reading. With ideas swirling around in my mind I picked up my notepad and began to write. What I produced is the short poem below called ‘You Are A Reader’.

Reading is such a wonderful tool and gift that I wanted to write and share this poem with you. I have created the illustrations myself although the last illustration was re-purposed from my children’s picture book Percy Learns Patience.

I hope you enjoy reading my short poem and I hope you all have a wonderful World Book Day.

You Are A Reader – World Book Day 2022

You are a reader, 

Going on adventures,

While you lie in bed. 

Slaying monsters

While you rest your head. 

Illustration for World Book Day poem girl reading a book and slaying a monster

You are a reader, 

In a plane flying high, 

While at the dentist you wait. 

Looping the loop, 

While the dentist is running late. 

Illustration for World Book Day poem - girl reading a book at the dentist and imaging flying a plane.

You are a reader,

Visiting an underwater world,

While you ride in the car.

Swimming with mermaids,

While you’re travelling to see grandma.

Illustration for World Book Day poem - boy reading a book in a car and imaging  swimming with mermaids.

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