A Poem for Captain Tom Moore

This is a poem that I wrote for Captain Tom Moore as I was inspired by what he has achieved. He is a true inspiration to the nation standing up to help his country not once but twice. Captain Tom Moore is a true hero.

A Poem for Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore

Oh how we adore. 

You brighten up our day, 

taking our troubles away. 


At 99 years of age, 

You set up a just giving page

To raise a £1000 for our NHS, 

You wanted to do your best. 


You set the task of walking 2.5k

In doing 10 garden laps every day. 

100 laps total was your end goal, 

And you put in your heart and soul. 


Captain Tom Moore

Oh how we adore, 

You have done more, 

Than we can ever thank you for. 


You exceeded what you set out to do, 

As your fundraiser grew and grew. 

Your goal is now completed

but you are not remaining seated. 


You are continuing to walk every day, 

Until your 100th birthday, 

You have raised 25 million for your cause, 

And deserve the biggest round of applause. 


Captain Tom Moore, 

Oh how we adore, 

Your a true inspiration 

You fill us with admiration. 


You have done more for us than anyone, 

Your inspiration will forever live on. 

If fighting for us in the war wasn’t enough, 

You have now raised millions for the NHS trust. 


Your health in recent years has not been the best, 

But you didn’t just give up and take a rest, 

No you pushed on in our time of need, 

A knighthood you deserve the nation is agreed. 


Captain Tom Moore, 

Oh how we adore. 

No one has inspired us more, 

than you ‘Sir’ Captain Tom Moore. 

Captain Tom Moore Poem Written by Cheryl Lee-White

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You can still donate to Captain Tom Moore’s Just Giving page to raise vital funds for the NHS.

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