The Importance of First Aid by Daisy First Aid Bristol

What is First Aid?
In its most basic form, First Aid is the initial assistance given to a victim of injury or illness. Basic First Aid knowledge is comprised of relatively simple techniques and procedures that can be performed with limited equipment and is typically carried out until professional medical assistance arrives.

Why is First Aid Training Important?
First Aid knowledge is invaluable for both you as an individual and for your wider community. It enables you to help someone in the event of an accident or emergency situation until further and professional help arrives. First Aid skills and knowledge are adaptable so can be used at home, work, public locations, in fact these lifesaving skills can
be applied absolutely anywhere.

Having First Aid Knowledge and understanding not only benefits you as an individual but it extends to your family, friends, co-workers and anywhere you are. Accidents aren’t always unavoidable, they will and do happen but how you deal with these situations can impact on
the outcome immensely.

It is important for as many people as possible to have at least a basic knowledge of First Aid.

Who Should Invest in Paediatric First Aid Training?

The simple answer is EVERYONE!

What time and cost would you put on have the skills to be able to save someone’s life?

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Expectant Parents
  • Extended Family
  • Babysitters
  • Those running children’s activities
  • Anyone who looks after or has interaction with Children

When babies and children are in childcare, or at school, they are always near to a first aider. A lot of younger children and babies spend most of their time with their parents, it makes sense that a parent should have the necessary first aid skills.

Learning First Aid will install confidence and instinct to react quickly to deliver the care required immediately.

Paediatric first aid training is of course beneficial to parents. This can be especially true for first time parents who may be struggling to know what to do to care for their child.

Children are curious explores and very good at getting themselves into scrapes and accidents.
Instead of panicking and worrying about what to do, the parent knows how to spring into action to provide the individual with the care needed. When an accident occurs that hurts a child, which can and will happen, it can be difficult to think clearly. Having expert trained knowledge to draw on, and remaining calm, can be the difference between doing the right thing and making the situation far worse than it already is.

A Paediatric First Aid Class will give you the confidence to handle home-based First Aid from cuts and grazes, bleeding, burns, broken bones, accidental poisonings, febrile seizures, allergic reactions, childhood illnesses, unconsciousness, choking and CPR, all of which are valuable skills.

Additionally, it will give you the information you need as a parent to understand hazards in the home, and how you can keep your family safe.

Parents leave the classes feeling confident.

Anyone can pick up at the very least the basics of first aid to cover the most common and severe incidents. This means that in just 2 hours’ worth of First Aid training can go towards saving not just a child’s life but anyone around you.

Daisy First Aid Bristol offer a wide range of classes.

I run classes in local venues and private home classes for family and friends. As the classes take only 2 hours they can easily be fitted into your busy life.

I also run Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Qualification courses 6 and 12 hours for those working in childcare.

There is also the new online downloadable course that covers all our usual face to face information plus more while restrictions are in place during coronavirus and then come along to a face to face practical class in the future if you wish.

For further information on all course please visit the website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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