Fred the Little Monster

Children’s Short Story – Fred the Little Monster

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Below is a children’s short story I wrote about a little monster who tries to be scary but things don’t quite work out when he tries to scare a little girl.

A Little Monster Called Fred

There’s a monster living under your bed,
He is small and fluffy and his name is Fred.
He wants to be a scary monster like his mum.
Who scares children just for fun.

Scaring children is the monster way,
And they go around doing it day by day.
For Fred scaring doesn’t come easy,
This is because he is so cute and squeeze.

The last time he tried to scare a child,
He was growling and his hair was flowing wild.
Instead of fear filling the child’s eyes,
There was something else that took Fred by surprise.

The child had a smile and a face full of delight,
Which ended up giving Fred a fright.
She ran and picked him up into the air,
And swung him around without a care.

She kept Fred trapped there all day,
As much as he tried he couldn’t get away.
She put him in a dress and his hair in pigtails,
And made him have a tea party with Mr Bunny Tails.

At night she took him to bed and hugged him tight,
When she fell asleep Fred wriggled with all his might.
This was his chance to finally flee.
He kept wriggling until he was free.

He ran as fast as he could back under the bed,
But in his hurry, he bumped his little head.
That was it, no more scaring children for him,
That whole experience had been so grim.


A short story written and Illustrated by Cheryl Lee-White Copyright Cheryl Lee-White 2021 

This story may not be distributed or replicated without the author’s permission. Please email with any requests. This story can be read to and shared with children including in a classroom environment.

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