What is the rock painting/hiding craze all about!

We are all loving the rock painting craze and have enjoyed getting involved in it, I included. It is such a great activity not only do you get to let your artistic side flow when painting the rocks but it helps you get out and about when you go to hide them.

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Find a Facebook Group

The hiding and finding of the rocks are Facebook led so on the back of your rock you would write the Facebook page and then when someone finds it they take a picture and post on the page and then re-hide it for the next person. We have a local page Taunton Rocks but if you don’t have one for where you live there is a UK wide page called Love on the rocks UK.

Collect Your Rocks

First things first you need to collect your rocks you can buy rocks or you can find them but remember that taking rocks from a beach is illegal (although I am sure a lot of people have done this).

The Best Paints to Use

When it comes to painting you need to use a strong paint we found acrylic paint works well and is easily available and then we used sharpies or paint pens to add any details. Posca paint pens are really great specialist pens for rock painting although they can be a bit pricey, we have also used these paint pens that work well too.  

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Seal Your Picture

So your picture survives the elements when outside it needs to be sealed we use ModPodge to do this as I always have a bottle handy but you can also use a specialist paint sealer.

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Hiding Your Painted Rock

Once your masterpiece is finished you need to find a place to hide it so it can be found and re-hidden for the next person to find. I have to admit some of the rocks don’t get to be hidden as the girls want to keep them which is fine as they brighten up the garden and plant pots.

Please be advised though wildlife charities have put out a plea that glitter, googley eyes or stickers are not used on rocks due to them causing problems to wildlife.

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