The Simplicity of Chalk Pens

When I was childminding I was always on the lookout for new activities for the children to do. My pens, paper and glue were a permanent fixture on my table and every day after school the children headed straight to the table, asking me what they would be making today.

I would try to introduce something different and would spend a lot of time searching the internet looking for new ideas to keep the children amused. Then one evening when I was scrolling for new ideas I came across Chalk Pens.

Chalk Pens as the name suggests are pens that contain brightly coloured liquid chalk. They are very easy to use and great fun and are great for introducing motor skills and mark-making, for the younger children.


These Pens went down a huge hit with all the children, I think they enjoyed the fact that they were allowed to draw all over my path and I allowed the children to run wild with pens when normally they are restricted to paper.

One other benefit is they are brilliant for making temporary hopscotch, and what child doesn’t like hopscotch. 

Once all the children have finished out comes the hose pipe or more often than not in the UK the rain and the path is all clean and ready for them to start again the next day. 

Saving you money and wastage on paper. However as I found you will need to have a camera as the children will want photographic evidence of their artwork before their masterpieces are washed away.


The pens contain a fair amount of chalk and will last a long time, making sure you get your monies worth.

Even today, which is long after I have finished childminding, we got them out and they still had some chalk left.

I find chalk pens are great for getting your children outside and getting their creativity to flow.


To use with the chalk pens I also have a black Tuff Tray so even when the weather is not good enough to be outside the children can all sit around the tray on the kitchen floor and draw away. These are the best chalk pens for tuff trays as they are liquid and can easily glide over the tray.


There are lots of Chalk Pens around but these are the ones that I have Popart Chalk Pens from Amazon and they were so worth the money I would recommend then.

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