Kid’s Science Experiment – Effects of Negativity

The Love/Hate kid’s science experiment is a great experiment that all children and adults should do and the results are astonishing and will teach a lot about the effects of love/positivity and hate/negativity. When my partner Dino heard about this experiment we just had to try it for ourselves to see if the effects were true.

Equipment that you need

  • 2 Clear pots (we used washed up yogurts pots
  • Cooked rice
  • 2 labels 
  • A pen


Label your two pots one as Love the other as Hate and put a little bit of cooked rice in both pots about a tablespoon in each should do. 

For this Children’s science experiment you will need need to talk to the pots of rice every day. The love pot you need to say nice things to and tell it you love it and the hate pot you need to be horrible to it and say that you hate it. 

These pots are then left out on the side for the next week to see which pot gets mouldy first. Make sure you keep the pots next to each other when leaving them out so they are in the same environment and the test is then done fairly. 

Even though it is only rice it still doesn’t feel right being mean to it. I found it quite hard and even my daughter turned around after telling the rice she hated it and said ‘that was the meanest thing I have said’. However, this is an experiment that will teach them an important life lesson and show the effects of negativity and the effects positivity can have.

The Children’s Science Experiment 

Day One

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The rice in both pots is still looking like fresh cooked rice.

Day Two

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The rice has started to dry out and go a bit hard. It looks slightly harder in the hate pot but there is not that much difference at the moment.

Day Three

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The rice has dried out a lot in both pots, it clearly looks a lot more dried out in the Hate pot than the love pot but neither pot has any signs of mould.

Day Four

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There is a small spot of mould showing in the love pot of rice.

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In the hate pot it is clear to see that there is a lot more mould.

Day Five

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The Love pot is starting to go mouldy and has one spot of mould on the rice.

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The hate pot has clearly got a lot more mould in it than the love pot.

Day Six

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After 6 days the Love pot has a few spots here and there of mould.

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After 6 days the hate pot of rice is almost completely mouldy.


I was sceptical that this experiment would work or that there would be any clear results but I am amazed by just how compelling the evidence from the experiment was.

It is clear to see from the evidence the effects of negativity. The hate pot has suffered greatly from the hatred and negativity it was shown and at the end of the experiment the rice was almost completely covered in mould. 

The love pot on the other hand has got hardly any mould showing the effects of positivity can have. 

If this is the effects that negativity and positivity have on a pot of rice imagine what they do to the human body. It just goes to show how important it is to always be kind to others and the power that love and kindness can have.

This is a great experiment to do with children it is easy to set up cheap to do but the results are compelling and it will teach children and important lesson on kindness.

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