How to Make Hama Bead Bowls

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Hama Bead bowls are so pretty and will add colour and decor to any room. They are also great for storing your odds and ends in. My girls use theirs to store there jewellery and lip glosses in.

The best thing is they are so simple to make and the kids will feel so proud to display the finished result.

How to Make a Hama Bead Bowl

What you need

Hama Beads

Heat Proof Bowl

Fry Light

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1. First, get a heatproof bowl and spray round some fry light to lightly grease the bowl.

2. Put the Hama beads into the bowl. We have used the multicolour mix but you can use any colours that you like, Hama beads come in a wide range of colours to choose from.

3. After that, you need to flatten down the beads to the shape of the bottom of the bowl and ensure they are up the sides of the bowl too.

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4. Once flattened carefully place the bowl in the oven making sure not to knock the bowl. Cook on 180 degrees celsius for 10 – 15 minutes. Then take out and leave on the side to cool.

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5. Once cooled the bowl will go hard so you can gently peel it out of the dish. You now have a beautiful bowl to display and use for storage.

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