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Go Sketch Club – Virtual Art Classes Review

We had the opportunity to review Go Sketch Club’s fabulous Anime and Manga Faces virtual art lessons.

About Go Sketch Club

Go Sketch Club, inspires children to draw and paint with confidence in order to improve their self-esteem, self-expression, creative thinking skills and general well-being. 

Whether you want an activity for your child or you would like to draw together, they have the course to suit you.

Our Review of the Anime /Manga Faces Virtual Course

Go Sketch offers a wide range of pre recorded and live virtual art lessons. We had the opportunity to review their Anime and Manga faces pre recorded lessons. 

My 13, 11 and 10 year old daughters all gave this virtual course a try and they all enjoyed it. 

The online course is easy to set up and the website is very user friendly. 

The course is broken down into bite-size videos that go at a good pace and are easy to follow. All progress is saved so you can leave and come back to it later. You can also easily go back and replay any of the videos if needed.

Each video section has simple step by step guides to help you create your Anime characters. 

All three of my girls were able to use and follow along with the videos with no problems. They all enjoyed the course and have learned some many great tips on how to draw Anime Characters. 

This course is great for any art-loving Anime fans who want to develop their skills. 

This course was priced at £18 which I thought was very reasonable considering how jam packed it is and how much you learn.

You can find out more about the course here.

Other Courses By Go Sketch

Go sketch club has a wide range of art courses to suit everyone. They have weekly clubs, go at your own pace, pre-recorded courses and live courses. 

They currently have courses in Zendoddle, Go Sketch Monster Cards, Anime/Manga Faces, Beautiful Birds, Cartoon Studio, Art Quest, just to name a few but there are lots more to choose from. 

The courses all vary in price but they are very reasonable prices and we found the course that we did great value for money. 

Take a look at their full range of courses here

Go Sketch Club

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