Easy Peel, No Mess Kid’s Window Sticker Activity

A while ago my sister sent my girls a pack of Amos Glass Deco pens as a present (she does always send them cool gifts). I had never heard or seen them before so I was looking forward to trying them out. These window sticker pens have now become one of my kids favourite activities.

What are Amos Glass Deco Pens?

Basically the Amos Glass Deco pens are coloured liquid filled pens that you can use to make beautiful window stickers that can be peeled off and removed easily without leaving a mess.

Each pack comes with a liner pen which you use first to do the outline of your sketch, you then leave it for a few minutes to slightly harden. After that, you use coloured pens to fill in your picture.

Once done leave them overnight to fully dry then you just peel your sticker off and place them on your window. 

You make your picture on clear plastic sheets that come in the pack along with a few outline designs you can use. As the sheets are clear it is easy to put a design underneath and trace over it with the glass deco pens.

I also found that normal plastic wallets are great to use for creating your window stickers as well as the plastic sheets. The plastic wallets also are good for holding your design template as you can easily put it securely in the wallet.

What we thought of this activity

My girls absolutely loved using the Amos Glass Deco Pens.  These pens have ended up being a favourite activity in our house. We do use them quite a lot and I join in every time they are out and enjoy them just as much as the kids.

They are great for window displays as they peel off easily and don’t leave a mess behind. We have used them to make Christmas, Easter and Halloween window stickers and the girls also have some non-seasonal ones that stay on their bedroom windows constantly. 


I also used the pens quite a lot when I was childminding as an after school activity and they were always a big hit, although it was hard to get the children to wait until the next day to be able to take them home.

I had children as young as 4 years old using the pens, they are great for building motor control in young children and improving the creative flair and for older children they are brilliant for design.

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