Cosmourse Virtual Art Classes Review

We were so lucky to be gifted these children’s virtual art classes from Cosmourse for the purpose of reviewing. 

Who are Cosmourse

Cosmourse is a London based art studio who streams daily live art classes globally for children aged between 3 – 14 years old.

Cosmourse virtual art classes are structured to allow children freedom of creative expression whilst building their working knowledge of various mediums, techniques and key art movements.

Virtual Art Classes

Every week Cosmourse’s virtual art classes have a different theme for the kids to follow along with whilst adding their own creativity. The classes are held over zoom and are very engaging and interactive and easy to follow along with. Cosmourse provides a general materials list of items you need to take part in the course and they email out a specific materials list of items just before every virtual art class. 

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Our Review

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My daughters have really enjoyed doing Cosmourse’s virtual art classes and they have made some beautiful pieces of art. The virtual art classes have been easy to follow along with and my girls were able to follow both the lesson and the instructions. My girls have learnt a lot already from shading techniques to a great way to draw cars and chairs.

The first lesson they had the theme was breakfast and in this lesson, they made baskets with croissants and baguettes using paint and colouring pencils and shading techniques. 

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For the second lesson, the theme for the art class was taxi’s and in this lesson, they created backgrounds associated with English, Indian and American flags then added drawings of taxi’s from each country to the backgrounds. 

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For the third lesson, the theme was chairs and in this virtual art lesson, they drew different types of chairs and made them look like they had faces. My girls learnt how to draw chairs and about shading and patterns. They were also encouraged to use their imagination and create their own designs. 

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I would highly recommend Cosmourse’s virtual art classes for any children that love art. The teacher is amazing and really great at interacting with the kids and teaching them in an easy to follow way.

At the end of the lesson, the teacher also messages through the feedback of what she thinks my girls did well on in the session which is a lovely gesture and great motivation for the kids. The art they create and that the kids create from following their guide has been amazing and I have been so proud of what my girls have produced from these lessons. 

Where to Book Your Class

Cosmourse virtual art classes can be booked via there website

Classes are £15 and last for 1 hour each. Cosmourse also offers virtual art birthday parties which can also be found on their website. 

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