Why it is important to buy more from small business!

We should all make more of an effort to start shopping from small business and local businesses where possible for Christmas and throughout the year. If we just take the time to look we will find there are so many wonderful small businesses offering quality products and excellent customer service. 

I have found small/medium business in my local town, at fairs, on social media and also Etsy is a great place to find amazing products from small business owners.

Almost all of the Christmas presents I have bought this year have been from small business and not a single present has been bought from a supermarket.

The benefits of shopping small –

Unique – If you buy from a smaller business your gift will be unique especially when you buy a handmade item. If you buy from large retailers they always seem to have the same old gift sets year after year and they sell them by the thousands, so there is a high chance that the person you are giving the gift to may have already been given it by someone else. With the growth of the internet you can access so many small businesses making unique handmade items and a lot of the time you can have them customised or personalised.

Shows thought and effort – buying your Christmas presents from a small business shows that you have put thought and effort into the gifts that you are giving and not just made a quick dash to the supermarket to pick up the 3 for 2 gift set available.

Appreciation – Not only will the person buying the gift appreciate it but the person you are buying from will also appreciate every item they sell. You will be making 2 people happy with one gift and there will definitely be some happy dancing going on. Small businesses appreciate every product they sell.

Economy –  Small business are key to economic growth with over 99% of all business in Britain being classed as small or medium*. When buying from a small business they are more likely to contribute back to the UK economy, this is because they will be spending the money they make in their local town on local business and most small business support each other so will buy from other small businesses like themselves. Also you can trace where the products have come from and who has made them.

Customer service – The customer service that you receive from small business is always far higher than you would receive from big stores. I have always found they take the time to listen to your needs and are always on hand to answer questions and can tell you everything you need to know about their products.

There are so many benefits to shopping from small business and local ones when possible. I have bought a lot of presents from small businesses this Christmas and although I can not share with you the presents I have bought, below is a list of small businesses that I have used this past year, with a few pictures of items that are not this year’s Christmas presents.

Art by Three  – This is owned by triplets who are very talented artists and as well as their paintings they sell make-up bags and tote bags with their stunning artwork on.


Pip’s Emporium – sells beautiful and unique handmade bags with eye catching fabrics.

Krafty Claires – sells beautiful handmade custom wood burnt designs  


Emotive Glass – sells the most amazing glass engravings and can do custom designs. Steven is also my brother so I am biased but take a look at his work and I am sure you will agree with me it is stunning.


The Soap Boutique – beautiful handmade soaps and bath bombs

Neptune Clothing – eco friendly clothing store selling recycled clothing made from plastic bottles. Their clothes are so soft and comfortable.


Ladies that plan – amazing planners for busy women, these planners have everything you will ever need to stay organised.


Donna Connolly Art beautiful pet portraits and animal pictures.

Brendon Books – Our local independent book shop

Monkton Elm Garden centre

Our local family run garden centre 


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