My Interview on BBC Somerset radio show Connected with Charlie Taylor

Yesterday I was honoured to have been invited on the Connected with Charlie Taylor radio show with BBC Somerset. 


Now I am not a natural speaker and find it easier to hide behind a screen typing than being in front of one or even speaking in person. However, when I was asked to be on the show it was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. I accepted the offer straight away. 

I have to admit from when I accepted the offer until last night when I stepped into that studio I have been so on edge and nerves were seeping in. On the way to the studio my heart was pumping so fast with anxiety and nerves it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I had to give myself a stern pep talk in the car to try and relax a bit and stop worrying before going inside. 

In the waiting room, I was sat listening to Charlie live on the radio interview someone else feeling the butterflies in my tummy start swirling. I was texting Dino saying how nervous I was and he was trying to reassure me I would be fine. 

Once I walked into the studio and met with Charlie I felt so much better he was so nice and friendly. As soon as we began talking I relaxed completely and started to feel a bit more confident. It is amazing how quickly fear and anxiety can disappear when you take on those fears.  

Charlie was very easy to talk to and genuinely interested in finding out more about me, my blog and children’s books, being interview on BBC radio turned out to be an enjoyable experience.

In the end, the interview went really well, I was able to answer all the questions without hesitating or mumbling and got to promote both my blog and my children’s books to the radio audience.


I was on such a high afterwards and buzzing from the experience. I am so glad that I accepted the invitation and pushed through the anxiety to show up and talk on the radio. The accomplishment of being interviewed over the radio will stay with me for a long time, it is an amazing achievement that I am thank full for the opportunity. 

“Everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear”. George Addair

You can hear the interview through the BBC Somerset website, I am an hour in on the show.


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