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Sadie and the Seadogs – Book Review

We have been reviewing the delightful ‘Sadie and the Sea Dogs’ by Maureen Duffy and illustrated by Anita Joice. 

About the Book ‘Sadie and the Seadogs’

Sadie and the sea dogs is a wonderful rhyming children story about a little girl called Sadie who lives by the Thames in Greenwich and longs for sea adventures. Then one day she falls asleep beneath a cabinet in the museum and wakes to find herself embarking on an adventure. 

Hardback book Sadie and the Sea Dogs
Sadie and the Sea Dogs hardback children’s book

About the author 

Maureen Duffy is a poet, playwright, novelist and biographer, born in Sussex, England. 

She won her first award when she was 17 for her poetry and has won quite a few awards since then. 

Maureen has published 40 books and 16 plays and now at 88 years of age she has written her first children’s book to add to her vast collection of published work. 


We found ‘Sadie and the Sea Dogs’ a delightful and magical story. 

Treasure hunts, dolphins rides, mermaids, pint-sized pirates this book is filled with wondrous adventure and is an enjoyable story for children. 

We also love how there is a page at the back telling the reader a bit more about the characters in the story and a glossary to help children understand and learn the seamen speak in the book. 

The writing has a beautiful flow to it and is uniquely written. The illustrations are beautiful with lots of eye-catching colours bringing the story to life. 

The book itself is of very high quality. It is a hardback book and the pages are high-quality gloss paper. The publisher Hikari press has done a great job of producing such a high-quality book for children to treasure. 

Page 27 of Sadie and the Sea Dogs
Page 27 of Sadie and the Sea Dogs

Where to buy the book

Sadie the Sea Dog is £14.99 and is a hardback book. 

It is available directly from Hikari Press.

You can also find the book on Amazon

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