Jo Middleton’s Playgroups & Prosecco

About the Author Jo Middleton

I have been reviewing the brilliant new book Playgroups and Prosecco – The Mis-adventures of a Single Mum by Jo Middleton. Jo has been writing her blog ‘Slummy Single Mummy’ since 2009, she lives in Somerset with her 2 daughters and this is her debut novel and what a book to kick off her career as an author.

About the Book

The book is funny, witty and so relatable. It is written in a diary format by the character single mum Frankie about her daily life. Frankie shares all from the ups and downs of motherhood with her 2 daughters Flo 14 and Jess 3, about work, friendship and finding love or more to the point the troubles with Tinder.

My Review

I really enjoyed reading this book and was drawn in very quickly. Frankie is so relatable and it did feel like I was reading a real-life diary rather than a fiction book. There is so much to Frankie’s life that all parents can relate to especially the Jaffa Cakes, they are the saviour of parenting.

The story is written in a very funny and uplifting way and you will find yourself laughing along as you read it, especially when it comes to the Tinder messages and the poo in the fountain.

The beginning of the book starts off with Frankie being new to the area where they are living and not really knowing anyone however she soon meets other mums through playgroup and they become close friends. I really liked how the book shows their friendship and how they are always on hand to support and uplift one another.


I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a funny uplifting book. If you have read ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ then you will love this book.

You can order your copy here Playgroups and Prosecco

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