Jasper the Firefighting Dragon

Jasper the Firefighting Dragon – Book Review

This month we have been reviewing the wonderful children’s picture book Jasper the Firefighting Dragon. Written by Val Blackburn and Illustrated by Sarah Leigh-Wills.

About the Book

Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is a story about a unique dragon, who breathes water instead of fire. He gets upset when he can’t join in with the fun the fire breathing dragons have with the people of Huffenpuffen Valley. 

Jasper ends up finding his own way to help people and everyone soon realises that Jasper is special because he’s unique.

About the Author

Val Blackburn lives in London with her husband and four daughters. Val has always loved stories and as a child, she enjoyed acting them out on the stage and was a fan of amateur dramatics.

After gaining a European Theatre Arts degree, Val discovered a job as a tour guide that encompassed her dramatic flair and love of stories. For 10 years Val has worked as a London tour guide and has helped set up two national tour companies. In this job, she researches and writes tour scripts. 

At home, Val loves making up stories for her daughters. She decided to publish “Jasper the Firefighting Dragon” when her eldest daughter asked to see the pictures for the story, and so it turned into a book.


Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is a beautiful story and has a lovely message on acceptance and being proud of who you are. 

At the beginning of the story, Jasper is sad as he can’t breathe fire and doesn’t fit in with the other dragons. He starts to get very lonely and sad but thankfully he finds a way to turn his water breathing into a way to help others. 

Jasper is a very loveable Dragon and we enjoyed reading this first book in the Jasper series. The story is well written and shares an important message for children that they can be proud to be different and unique. The book has been beautifully illustrated and the pictures compliment the heart-warming story. 

Jasper the Firefighting Dragon is a great story for your younger children to read and enjoy.

Where to purchase the book

Jasper the Fire Fighting Dragon is £5.99 and available on Amazon

You can also purchase Val’s next 2 books in the series – 

Jasper the Dragon and the Magical Circus: The Jasper Dragon Series

Jasper the Dragon and the Fiery Sneeze: Jasper Dragon Series

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