Grandma – A Children’s Book about Cancer

I am so excited to share with you that my new children’s book Grandma A children’s book about cancer, will be coming soon. The very talented Jo McFarlen is just finishing off the illustrations and they are looking wonderful.

children's cancer book illustration
Illustration from Grandma – A children’s book about cancer

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What is Grandma about?

Grandma is a children’s book about cancer. It is a rhyming picture book for ages 2 – 6 years old to help children understand the changes cancer and chemo treatment can have on a loved one in a subtle and gentle way. 

The book starts off with Noah getting to see his Grandma for the first time in over a month after she has been in hospital having cancer treatment. At first, he is surprised that she looks different and she is not able to play with him as she used to.

However, they find a way to still have fun together and go on the most amazing imaginary adventures with the help of Grandma’s hats or ‘Grandma’s Silly Heads’ as Noah called them.

Where did the idea for the book come from?

Grandma is based on a true story and I was asked to write this by the most amazing and strongest lady I know Dina Yates. 

Dina has Myleoma and is having to go through a lot of chemo treatment. She was explaining that it was hard for her Grandson Noah to understand the changes in her after her treatment. Noah being the ray of sunshine that he is helped Dina through the tough times with reading and using their imagination to play.

Dina is the most inspiring woman not only is she battling and staying strong in the face of cancer she also contracted Covid and was seriously ill in intensive care. Given her weakened immune system, this could of and (according to some Dr’s should of) been fatal but although she was ill and in hospital for a very long time she has made a full recovery from Covid. 

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