Escape Reality Book Review

I have been reviewing the new Escape Reality Book which is a collection of short fiction stories written by lots of different women and teenagers to provide some relief and escape from reality during this difficult time of lockdown.

The book has been edited and published by a company called Fuzzy Flamingo who has done a wonderful job of putting the stories together and on the stunning front cover. These stories have been written and the book put together in less than 3 weeks which is an amazing achievement for all the authors and Jen at Fuzzy Flamingo

The book contains 21 different short fiction stories and every one of them is completely different. The stories contain murder, fires, garden escapes, African adventures and lots more. 

All the stories are short and easy to read and perfect as the title suggests to escape reality. If you, like me, have children around and find it hard to fully immerse yourself in a book for hours due to the constant interruptions then this book is great as you can read the stories in short bursts and it is not too hard to dip in and out of when you have a spare moment here and there.

The stories are well written and a lot of them will leave you wanting to hear more from the author. A couple of them finish on a bit of a cliffhanger that then leaves you thinking and imagining what could be happening next. There are so many different scenarios within the book that you are bound to find stories that appeal to you.

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The ebook is 99p and the paperback is £8.99 you can order your copy here

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