Atch…oops by Nicky Gilbody Book Review

This month we have had the pleasure of reviewing the marvellous children’s rhyming picture book Atch…oops written by Nicky Gilbody and Illustrated by Phil Littler.

About the Book

The book is about a young trainee dream weaver whose job it is to send dreams to the people when they sleep. However he ends up letting out a big sneeze and breaking his magic wand which causes everyones dreams to get all mixed up. 


The poor trainee dream weaver has a broken wand and a big problem – everyone has the wrong dream! With dawn on the way, can he put things right in time?

A heart-warming story showing that good can come from even the biggest mistakes!


About the Author

Nicky Gilbody, is a qualified speech and language therapist and a mother of two boys. 

Nicky understands the importance of shared reading. She is passionate about promoting storytelling with children as a way of supporting language development. 


We have thoroughly enjoyed Atch…oops. It is a marvellous and magical story written in rhyming verse. 

We loved the trainee dream weaver. He was so determined to do a good job but when a sneeze came at the wrong time things didn’t quite go to plan. We enjoyed reading about the mixed up dreams that everyone received and was so happy to see that it all worked out well for the dream weaver in the end.

Atch…oops is a wonderful and imaginative story that will keep children engaged until the very end. The dream weaver is a great character and you can’t help but feel for him when everything goes wrong in the beginning of the story. 

The book is well written and the rhyme works well throughout the story. The illustrations by Phil Littler are a great fit for the book and bring the magic of the story to life.

Where to Purchase the Book

Atch…oops is available from Amazon for £6.99.

You can order your copy here – 

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