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Allotment Fun – Book Review

I have been reviewing the lovely new book ‘Allotment Fun‘ by author Helen Isaac and illustrated by Tim Burgess. This is a great early gardening book for children aged 2 – 6 years old. It is a lovely way to get young children interested in gardening early on.

About the Book ‘Allotment Fun’

Allotment fun is a children’s rhyming picture book about a little girl who loves to have fun at her allotment. 

The book shows all the wonderful things that she does in her allotment, like digging, weeding, talking to her plants and sowing. It also shows all the lovely fruit and veg that she grows at the allotment and her enjoyment in doing so.

allotment fun page inset - child gardening

About the Author

Helen Isaac is a teacher turned Teaching Assistant currently working in a Reception Class in South Gloucestershire. She loves reading and tries to instil this love into the children that she teaches.

Helen’s always dreamed of writing a children’s book and has accomplished this with ‘Allotment Fun’. She has her own alloment where she enjoys spending her time which also helped inspire her to write this book.


I enjoyed reading ‘Allotment Fun’. I feel it is a wonderful fun book to get children into gardening early on.

The book shows all the different types of fruit and veg that she grows on her allotment. It also shows how much joy the little girl gets from being there. 

It is an easy to read book and the rhyme follows throughout the book.

Allotment fun is a great book for young children and even to use in schools to help encourage children to start trying to grow their own plants or produce.

The illustrations by Tim Burgess are fun and vibrant and go well with the story. 

Where to purchase the book

Allotment Fun is available on Amazon for £6.99. You can order your copy here 👇

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